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Large and multi-layered carton manufacturer

Large and multi-layered carton manufacturer

with full automatic devices

Why CartonSabz?

  • More than 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry
  • Full cycle recycler of paper and carton
  • High quality products due to the use of advanced machinery, experienced staff and high quality raw materials
  • Announcing the best and fairest price of the day and offering special discounts for selected products
  • Facilitate payment terms for regular customers
  • Variety of services and products and the ability to meet all the requirements for packaging and printing
  • Fast delivery, secure transportation, moderation and assistance in shipping costs
  • Customer Orientation - Clash with the customer as we expect to be addressed to us.
  • Receive and review all points of comments and suggestions and adapt to customer demands
  • Review all information and inquiries received by the customer and provide new and competitive prices

Carton and box

The appropriate packaging reduces storage and transportation costs and expresses the quality of its content and indicates the importance of the product and the goods.

According to various stylish and convenient packaging styles, it influences up to 70 percent of the customer’s choice of product.

Due to low weight and carton recycling, it is the most cost-effective and the first choice for packaging and shipping of goods.

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About CartonSabz

In the year of 1992, the group first packaged the carton and box production unit.
Due to the need of the country for non-oil exports, and consequently the need for the printing industry, and the creation of economic crises and shortages in the past decades, it was necessary to complete the cycle of recycling and production of paper and carton.